Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Free TON, DeFi, Meetup

    Contest Updates

    DeFi subgovernance has launched a number of contests:

    Vladislav notes that the number of teams should be increased.

    Sergey Shashev suggests prolonging the Oracle contest for a month. He believes that the launch of the stablecoin contest should not be delayed, and suggests using Chainlink for a solution.

    A draft for a stablecoin contest has been prepared. It will be put to a vote and the contest will be launched.

    Polkadot Bridge Updates

    The main reason there is still no ready product is the Polkadot ecosystem. Until recently, it was not possible to add a product to it. The team is interested in making the ready product useful for both Polkadot and Free TON users.

    • What is the difficulty of integrating Polkadot on one of the parachains?

    Polkadot, by design, does not have smart contracts, which is a technical problem. We could consider a parachain option, but that would be too expensive.

    • Are you considering switching to a Bitcoin bridge after the Polkadot bridge is ready?

    We are currently focused on Polkadot.

    Vladislav talks about the need to bring Bitcoin representatives into the Free TON community to provide feedback on the work of their bridge. Perhaps this will be the first step in building the Free TON↔Bitcoin bridge.

    FreeTon DEX Implementation contest | Stage 2

    The second stage of the FreeTon DEX Implementation contest is over. Vladislav congratulates the team on the first place. The team is currently working on a draft of the third stage of DEX implementation.