Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    DeFi, Free TON, Meetup

    Ongoing contests reminder. Farming launch announcement, Free TON↔Ethereum bridge and DEX updates. The diversity of the DeFi system and the Chrome extension wallet contest issues.

    Contest updates

    Three contests from the DeFi subgovernance are in the voting stage:

    Farming Updates

    DeFi Alliance’s proposal has been confirmed. Farming will be launched after testing certain mechanics. Bridge and DEX will also be updated. Planned:

    • Continue the program for standard pairs (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc);
    • Run new pairs for Frax and Stable Euro;
    • Run standard pairs without Free TON (for example, Bitcoin-USDT);
    • Attract audience from Uniswap;
    • Run two pairs with BRDG.

    A new project with native tokens will appear in a few months. A large amount of liquidity will be attracted to it.

    DeFi services

    DeFi provides many different services: insurance, all sorts of credit mechanics, etc.  Sergey Shashev encourages everyone to be more active, asks community members to participate in its development, because the DeFi ecosystem is diverse, it is unnecessary to focus only on bridges and DEX.

    Free TON Wallet as a Chrome extension: voting issues

    Initially, the contest was very successful, with many submissions received. However, due to the low jury involvement and the controversy that arose, it was decided not to include the votes of the jurors who did not provide points for all submissions. Vladislav talks about the need to make a count in both cases, the decision on further action will be based on the results.

    Among the main problems with the voting, Vladislav singles out the lack of knowledge of jury members and the lack of transparency in decision-making.

    Alex V explains the low activity by the fact that gas ran out during the voting. To complete the voting process, he had to transfer some tokens.

    Among the innovations, Vladislav proposes to allow the jury members to change their assessment throughout the entire voting period.

    Alex Novikov opposes attracting jury members from different subgovernments. Vladislav says that diversified voting contributes to a balanced result from all sides.