Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
    Crystal Wallet, Broxus, Free TON, TON Crystal

    The Broxus team has developed a browser version of their TON Crystal wallet with the ability to securely manage and store seed-phrase and passwords in Google Chrome. Let’s talk about the installation and functions of Crystal Wallet.

    How To Install Crystal Wallet

    To use Broxus Wallet in your Google Chrome browser, you need to:

    • open the web store of browser extensions;
    • enter Crystal Wallet in the search engine and follow the suggested link;
    • or directly in the address bar, enter the link to the extension.
    • Click Add to Chrome on the web store page and confirm the action in the opened window;
    • Create a new wallet or log in to an existing one by selecting the suitable option on the opened application installation page.

    How To Create A New Crystal Wallet

    1. Select the top line in the Create a new wallet welcome screen.
    2. Read and agree to the policy of decentralization of the wallet.

    3. Select the type of wallet to install. In our case, it will be the first option — SafeMultisig, which is offered by default. If you already have an account and want to use it at this step, you need to know the type of wallet to choose the right one.

    4. Write down a 12-word seed phrase assigned to your wallet. As an alternative way to save it, you can copy all the words, selecting Copy all words, and transfer them to any text file, which should be printed out and hidden away from public view.

    Remember, the seed phrase gives full access to your account!

    5. It’s time to make sure that all the words are written down correctly. To do this, type the four words from the phrase during the test phase.

    6. Come up with a password and repeat it for a quick login to the wallet.

    7. After we selected Sign in the wallet in the previous step, the tab for working with the application disappears.

    The support service via the Broxus Telegram chat helped us find the installed wallet in the browser. We received the answer in 5 minutes, quite quickly.

    8. We find the Crystal Wallet application to the right of the address bar on the browser toolbar. Or click the Extensions icon in the upper right corner of the browser page, select the desired application and check “Fix” next to it, so that the wallet is always within reach.

    9. This is how the installed Crystal Wallet application looks like in the Google Chrome browser.

    How To Log In To An Existing Wallet Account

    After proceeding to the installation page of the application, you do not need to create a new wallet account, but log in to the existing one.

    1. Select the string Sign in with seed phrase.
    2. Put a mark on the familiarity with the policy of decentralization of the wallet.
    3. Select the wallet to restore. In our case, it’s a Surf wallet.

    4. Enter the seed phrase.

    5. Come up with a password and repeat it to log in.
    6. Navigate to the installed wallet through the Extensions icon of the browser, as described in the previous section.

    Crystal Wallet: Features Of A Browser Application

    The main window of the application with TON Crystal on the balance looks like this:

    Initially, in the Assets section, the balance is set in the cryptocurrency, which is available on the wallet account.

    Tokens That Can Be Stored In The Crystal Wallet
    • Wrapped TON (WTON)
    • USDT
    • USDC
    • DAI
    • WBTC
    • Wrapped ETH (WETH)
    • LP Uniswap V2: USDT-WTON — tokens intended for Yield farming in the operation of the Ethereum — Free TON bridge.

    To set up the display of the wallet balance in the currencies of interest, click Select assets on the main page of the app, select the needed tokens and confirm by clicking Save.

    Recent transactions in the wallet can be seen by selecting Transactions at the bottom of the main window of the application.

    How To Receive TON To Your Wallet Account

    To find the Crystal Wallet address for receiving crystals to your wallet account, click Receive on the main page.

    • A window with QR-code appears, which can be scanned and tokens can be sent in one click.
    • Another option is to click on the active line Copy address and send the address in a message by any messenger.
    How to send TON Crystal
    • On the main page of the wallet from the list of tokens, select the desired line and click on it.
    • Click Send in the window that opens.
    • Fill in all the lines in the window for sending tokens: currency, amount, address, and comment.
    • Click Send, enter the password and wait for the transaction to be completed.


    The Broxus team is developing the Ethereum↔Free TON bridge, and their Crystal Wallet allows token holders to earn income through Yield farming.