Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
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    A new entertainment for gamblers has appeared in the Free TON community — the Crystal Fever lottery. Free TON HOUSE spared 10 TONs to describe the lottery rules and possibly hit the jackpot.

    Lottery rules

    You can get into the lottery through the game’s Telegram channel: you need to subscribe and click on the link to Crystal Fever Lottery DeBot, which will open in the TON Surf wallet.

    Those who want to buy a lottery ticket need an account in Surf or another wallet with crystals. We’ve already told you how to work with the TON Surf wallet.

    After switching to DeBot, a warning from Surf appears that we will get to a third-party service. After our consent, the main menu of Crystal Fever opens.

    To get acquainted with the rules of the game, choose Rules.

    Let’s list the main features of the Lottery:

    • ticket price — 10 TON Crystals
    • no more than 50 tickets per person within one purchase
    • the ticket has a six-digit number. Those whose numbers from left to right match up with the winning combination claim to win:

    only the first digit — 2% of the prize fund
    the first two digits — 3% of the prize fund
    the first three digits — 5% of the prize fund
    the first four digits — 10% of the prize fund
    the first five digits — 20% of the prize fund
    all digits — 50% of the amount of the prize fund

    • 10% of the ticket price goes to the app developer
    • 9 TONs from each ticket add to the prize pool
    • unallocated prize pool goes to the next round of the lottery
    • bets for each round of the lottery are accepted from 00:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC
    • the search for winners is carried out from 23:00 UTC after the end of the round and the distribution of tokens to winners is accrued automatically

    If the first digit of the ticket does not match the first digit of the winning combination, you lose. The same principle is used to hit the other combinations of winning numbers.

    Our participation in the lottery

    Go to Crystal Fever Lottery DeBot and memorize the draw number, which is indicated with “#”. The number is required to view the winning combination after the end of the round.
    Choose Buy Tickets.

    Indicate the number of tickets you want to buy. From 1 to 50.
    Get acquainted with the amount to be paid (including commission), choose a payment method: through a Surf account or by entering a key.

    Check your the ticket in the main menu of the Crystal Fever Lottery DeBotMy Tickets.

    Wait until prize tokens are distributed after 23:00 UTС.

    Checking the lottery results

    Go to the Crystal Fever Lottery DeBot main menu and select Previous Lotteries.
    Specify the lottery number.

    Read the information about the previous lottery.

    • Jackpot — prize pool.
    • TON Crystal won — the amount that was distributed among the winners of the lottery.
    • Total Tickets — the number of tickets participating in the lottery.
    • Tickets won — the number of tickets between which the lottery prize fund is distributed.
    • End date — the date of the lottery.
    • You bought — the number of tickets you purchased in the lottery.
    • You won — the amount of your winnings.
    • Winning numbers — the winning combination of lottery numbers.


    This time we caught a bad break and could not boast with a screenshot of our winnings, hopefully other members of the Free TON community will be luckier. Don’t forget to brag about your winnings and share the “scheme” — what time to buy a ticket, in what wind, and which foot to get out of bed.