Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    NFT, Free TON, TONPunks

    CryptoPunks is considered the first collection of NFT tokens, today each of its “punk” is worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The SVOI.Dev team has created “crypto-punks” in Free TON, and you can also make money on that.

    CryptoPunks-2017. Where did the interest come from?

    The year 2017, when the creators of CryptoPunks realized their idea, can be considered the beginning of the NFT era. It would seem that nothing could generate such interest in the funny characters created with the generator, developed by Larva Labs founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson.

    Initially, the developers, through several experiments, created a character generator that created digital portraits in the “pop art” style. Ten thousand 8-bit portraits were released, each issued as an NFT token on a special platform.

    The portraits had a set of characteristics: race, gender, skin color, headgear, mustache or beard, earrings. There were “zombie punks”, aliens, and monkeys.

    The developers of “punks” created a chat room where they discussed their 10,000 characters and the future of NFT. The popularity of CryptoPunks skyrocketed when they were all distributed (the NFT platform received a commission only for the change of ownership). Their owners began posting “punks” on social media, emphasizing CryptoPunks’ affiliation with collectibles.  

    Due to the fact that “punks” could be bought from its owner or exchanged in the coming years, the price began to rise. “Punks,” having the rarest attributes, attracted the special attention of collectors and those who invest in art objects. The latter have raised the price of CryptoPunks significantly: from $10,000 to $11.8 million to date.

    You can purchase CryptoPunks on the OpenSea NFT site or on the CruptoPunk website.

    Punk Doppelgangers

    Seeing such success, other blockchains decided to share it by releasing their own “crypto-punks”. Most surprisingly, their “crypto-punks” were also sold out and continued to rise in value. For example,

    CryptoPunks are available for sale on Binance. And also in the amount of 10,000 characters.

    TRON blockchain offers a random “punk” for 5,000 TRX.

    Attention! You may come across Justin, who can probably be resold for a better deal. He is unique!

    “Crypto-punks” from Free TON

    “Punks” are now also available for purchase on the Free TON blockchain. The platform was created by the SVOI.Dev team.

    There are 10,000 “punks”. The unique thing is that among the “punks” worth 200 TON Crystals, there can be one of Durov’s 10 “punks” or a secret one.

    The hunt is on for the secret “punk” in the community chats. Slava Semenchuk, one of the NFT SG’s initials, is ready to buy #224 for $5,000 as soon as it is minted! 

    And the other day it was announced on Twitter that Punk #7523 was sold for 14,000 TON Crystals. The seller’s profit was 7000%! 

    Punk #7523 is now up for 50,000 crystals.

    If you want to get your “crypto-punk”, hurry up: 4,000 characters have already been minted in a week, and there are 6,000 “punks” left on the platform. — let’s explore the marketplace

    If you own 200 crystals, you can mint your “punk” and then put it up for sale for any price, even the most enormous. Perhaps someone will buy it, and you won’t have to work anymore, if only out of boredom.

    You will need a Crystal Wallet or TON Wallet to work with

    Once one of the wallets is connected, you can mint your “punk” in a few clicks:

    1. you need to specify the desired number of “punks;
    2. сonfirm payment — 200 TON Crystals for each, plus a wallet fee of 0.5%;
    3. wait for the transaction to complete.

    Each “punk”, like CryptoPunks, has different appearance attributes. The more unique they are, the more you can get for them in the future.

    Minting is done in random order.  “Punks” with a lower rating have less chance of being minted. At, you can put your punk up for sale by specifying the price in crystals.

    The referral system already functions on the platform. You can generate your own link and send it out to your friends. The sender has the right to count on 10% of the sales made through his link.

    Comments from developers

    We chatted with Project Advisor and Initial Member of the NFT subgovernance — Slava Semenchuk — who is also a #224 “punk” hunter.

    • You collect crypto-punks. What do you think is their phenomenon?

    Yes, I have a huge collection, including popular and rare punks on various blockchains. Their phenomenon is due to a combination of several parameters: simple format, recognizable images (everyone can identify with one of the punks) and, of course, the timeliness and accuracy of marketing.

    • Are Free TON “crypto-punks” copies of “crypto-punks” from other platforms?

    The “punks” on are not complete copies of characters from other platforms like the “punks” on Binance Smart Chain or Solana, which really lack uniqueness. Part of our collection is unique drawn punks, the rest have been modified as well.

    • What are the advantages of Free TON crypto-punks implementation? Do they support the recently announced True NFT technology?

    Here are the main advantages:

    • extremely low transaction fees: 0.5 TON — 0.25 cents is the maximum fee;
    • high network speed: when minting/transferring/selling tokens, the operation is performed in a couple of blocks, i.e. it takes less than a second. Changes on the platform are displayed within 30 seconds.

    The benefits of for the Free TON ecosystem include attracting new people to the system, which affects the further acceleration of platform development.

    At this point, True NFT is not yet a fully developed technology that has recently appeared in the Free TON environment. We’d like to monitor the development of this idea to make sure it’s applicable to real projects. And in the future, perhaps, we will apply it to our platform.

    We plan to move to a distributed smart contract system in the near future, whether True NFT is ready to develop projects using it or not.

    • Open the veil: how do you plan to develop the project and what innovations should be expected in the near future?

    Staking, governance token, and a decentralized voting system where everyone will make development decisions are the coming innovations on the platform. And of course, marketplace development. We already have an internal Road Map for the second version of the platform.

    The development of NFT in the Free TON ecosystem continues. In addition to the NFT platform contest, which resulted in several ready-made solutions, the community has its own CryptoPunks. Hand with your “horns” up, mint, put it up for sale and make money on your “punks”!