Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    CryptoNumiz, Free TON

    Recently, there has been a lot of talk about NFT — a token containing unique information. On the wave of popularity, media persons are making a lot of money by selling art in the NFT version. No wonder the CryptoNumiz project appeared in Free TON.

    Numiz are commemorative digital cryptocoins (NFTs) that can be used to buy, sell or collect (by the way, you have to install TON Surf to place bets). 

    At the same time, Numiz are as authentic as ordinary coins, which is valuable for real numismatists. Except that the big advantage of cryptocoins is that they cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

    CryptoNumiz brings traditional coin collecting into a whole new era: on the CryptoNumiz website, you will be able to browse coins, place bids at auctions organized on the spot.

    Free TON And CryptoNumiz

    In April 2021, a proposal for the first private subgovernance, Private CryptoNumiz Subgovernance, was published on the Free TON forum, which stands for the development of a platform for crypto-numismatists. It does not request a single TON Crystal from the Free TON community to launch. Instead, a group of enthusiasts (SG initials) put up their own tokens to develop this subgovernance. 

    The entire Free TON community can participate in contests, and the initiators of the subgovernance will pay rewards, requiring nothing in return (other than quality solutions, of course). As the saying goes, I came, I saw, I won, I took the tokens!

    We spoke with Ron Millow, Chief Business Development Officer of TON Labs and one of the private CryptoNumiz subgovernance founders, to find out why Free TON is attractive for such an initiative, and what could be the future development of the new subgovernance and the crypto-numismatics sphere as a whole.

    Ron Millow About CryptoNumiz

    • How was the idea of creating such an organization as a private Sub Governance CryptoNumiz appear? How long ago?

    CryptoNumiz (“CNZ” for short) was a project that started back in 2018 and was put on hold due to conflicting projects having taken precedence for CNZ’s members. Now that the NFT market is ripe with hype, it’s time.

    A major motivation to launch now is the availability of Free TON. With Free TON we can launch true NFTs and not useless marketplaces like the ones that exist now on centralized servers and websites. Free TON provides Web Free vs. Web 3, where Web 3 is still centralized and Web Free is not.

    Today’s NFT market doesn’t truly exist. It’s just hype atop of hype. Any NFT today will disappear in a puff of smoke the second the owner of the website or server, even in a Web 3 environment where nothing really changes in terms of centralization, can shut everything down.

    And then poof, wave goodbye to your NFT. That’s not a marketplace.

    Free TON has decentralized storage, DeNS, easy to use DeBots, and essentially an entire decentralized platform where a Numi can live forever without fear of being shut down. That means true NFTs can be made and exist securely. This is very attractive for CryptoNumiz. That and of course the very cheap transaction fees and near internet-as-usual speed. It just makes sense.

    CNZ cannot ask the Free TON community to partner with it or to provide it with tokens (TONs). So what do we do in order to still be a part of the community while running our own business? The answer was to create a private sub-governance where CNZ is a DAO on Free TON. We want to engage the community to participate in our contests and to interact with us. To do this with a decentralized community would mean that the initial members of CNZ would have to put up their own TONs to pay for contest prizes and for anything else that CNZ does on Free TON. That is when we came up with the concept of a private sub-governance and if memory serves me right, that decision was made back in March, 2021.

    • By the name, we understand that this will have something to do with numismatics and collectibles, but is it possible to learn more about the goals and objectives?

    You are partially correct. The initial idea was in fact to take numismatics on-chain, hence the “Numi”. The beauty of the blockchain however is that the limitations set by a physical world disappear in a virtual one. As long as the principles of ownership and anti-counterfeiting can be sustained, a “coin” can really be anything on-chain and not just a coin.

    We have several noted numismatists on our advisory and initial member teams. We also have world renown artists, filmmakers, musicians, digital artists, ambassadors and other notable figures who see that the concept of being able to physically hold something in your hand, while certainly retaining its merit, is still no match for what CryptoNumiz and blockchain technology allow, which is far greater authenticity and way more features and ways to create. In essence, this blasts the door of numismatics’ limitations wide open to take the concept of collecting coins to a level that has little to no boundaries. We believe this is the future of numismatics.

    Numiz are every bit as authentic and rare as physical coins, but they are way more difficult to compromise. They can’t be duplicated or counterfeited and then the heads-and-tails concept adds a second layer of authentication to the already existing cryptography that is inherent in an NFT.

    Only one side of a Numi is visible to the public. The other side is only visible to the owner.

    What’s cool is the side others can’t see can be an image, animation, music, even a movie or a rock concert. It’s up to the creator to decide. That invisibility and personalization means:

    • an additional level of security to protect against potential forgery;
    • turns what would otherwise be just a coin into an experience where only the imagination is the limit.

    That elevates its collectibility factor to levels that are unachievable in the physical world. So it is way more than just a collectible coin.

    The other feature that makes a Numi different from a coin is that there are no rules for design. Numiz don’t have to look like a coin. Shapes, sizes, designs, creativity — they’re all at the will of the person who is creating it. We call them creators, not artists, because pretty much anyone can make a Numi. The public decides its value through auctions and by voting for events that Numiz commemorate. With that, originality and rareness go far beyond what physical coins are capable of.

    • How is the work organized within the Sub Governance, if possible, tell us briefly?

    Honestly it is no different than any other organization. We have front and back office members, investors, advisors, administrative folks, etc. CryptoNumiz is a company. The private sub-governance is handled by its members. That being said however, the portion of CNZ that is handled over Free TON as a community is done every bit the same way that a community sub-governance would be organized, complete with initial members, a jury, contests, that sort of thing.

    The difference is only in that those members and jury, etc., are all chosen by CryptoNumiz’ members and not by the community.

    That’s the trade off when the tokens being paid out don’t come from public giver contracts but from private equity. It’s a novel concept. It is the first-of-its-kind private DAO on Free TON that was bourne from within the community as opposed to an already-existing company bringing a partnership proposal and asking for tokens from the community in return. We use our own money.

    I hope this concept will encourage others to do the same. This is how organic use cases can be built from the ground up, but over a totally decentralized, community driven blockchain.

    • The Sub Governance is private, so you expect to make a profit in the future?

    Of course! We have a tokenomics model. I am not ready to discuss the specific details yet as that is a work-in-progress; however, fundamentally, we will have a native token issued and run a token sale. The initial members of CNZ will have a vesting schedule and so on. Our token will from its inception be bridged with the TON token and be interchangeable.

    • How will the activities within the Free TON community be organized and will your activities overlap with NFT Sub Governance?

    I think I pretty much answered that question already, but of course we will be relying on the Free TON community to participate in our contests and promotions, and in so doing they will continue to earn rewards that CrytpoNumiz will be providing.

    Free TON is in and of itself a thriving and growing marketplace with now somewhere in the midst of 150,000 members, soon to be millions and then one day billions. It would be silly not to take advantage of this opportunity by creating an organization that is from its get-go a part of that community. Think of it like being one of the fans at a football game where there are 150,000 spectators that are all your family. Metaphorically we are building the first hot dog business while a game is going on, and with no need to register that business with some outside, bureaucratic, corporate and nonsensical structure, because this community — this family — has all of the basic necessities for starting and running a business within its fundamental framework by virtue. Just make your hot dogs and sell them, and screw what anyone outside of the game thinks. In turn, this will only bring more people from outside of the stadium to join to sell peanuts, beer, etc. That’s adoption.

    When you say overlap I think complementary. Of course the NFT sub-governance is our niche, like a sports sub-governance would be a football business’s niche. Everything on Free TON is collaboration. I believe CryptoNumiz will be one of, if not the first to create a means where all other NFT projects can use our platform to propel their own. There is no competition here. It is all about collaboration. What’s good for CryptoNumiz is good for everyone in the Free TON NFT sub-governance and vice versa.

    • What contests are planned within your Sub Governance, will the mechanism of submission of works be different?

    We have several planned; however, we have quite a bit of work ahead of us that needs to be done first. We ran the Free TON 1-Year Anniversary Numi contest straightaway, because:

    • that only comes around once per year and we were hard pressed to make sure that was CryptoNumiz’ first commemorative event, for obvious reasons;
    • because we wanted the community to see what was possible by a group of active members taking the initiative on their own and not necessarily asking the community to provide financial resources.

    Right now there are 2 primary paths by which to earn tokens in Free TON: contests and partnerships. Until CryptoNumiz, contests were run by governance and sub-governance groups whose rewards are paid out from community reserves. 

    We came up with another way. Those who managed to acquire TONs through their own meritocratic efforts are now in a position where they can use those earned TONs to invest back into the network and pay for contest rewards out of their own reserves as opposed to the community’s. This is how the network can scale infinitely to create a real global market that grows exponentially without having to constantly rely on global governance or any public sub-governance.

    It’s private industry within a public and community based ecosystem. 

    Cool, right? Sustainable economics and individual entrepreneurship in a decentralized world. That’s badass!

    As for how submission mechanics will work, whenever there is a contest on Free TON, the mechanics will be whatever they are on Free TON. CryptoNumiz however has its own submission process. Everything will be done through DeBots direct to the CNZ website. Curators will create commemorative events that will be voted on by token holders as to whether or not those events are worth being commemorated. Then Curators will bring notable and talented Creators to create Numiz with respect to each such event.

    Of course everyone is always welcome to create Numiz for events, but do keep in mind that often times you will be competing with world recognized artists.

    But that’s the beauty of CryptoNumiz. Anyone can participate. In other words, truly talented people who may have never had an “in” in the off-chain creative world will now have an opportunity to compete for the sale of their Numiz at a level with top global talent. If you’re good, the people will decide, not some corporate, centralized group of jerks. Pretty cool stuff.

    Then those Numiz will go to auction, similar to eBay, whereby each auction will be scheduled in advance and continue for a specific period of time, with each Numi on the auction block having a minimal starting bid, and then whichever winning bid wins each Numi, the winner will own the Numi or Numiz.

    Basically it is a combination of Free TON community and CryptoNumiz’ ecosystems. They are one-in-the-same and interchangeable, mixable and collaborative.

    We are helping the community grow by bringing in creative folks, and the community is helping us grow by participating with its own creative gurus. One big happy family.

    • Open the curtain, What famous people do you plan to attract to work on the project?

    I want to surprise you folks. We have a lineup of some really great people; however, all in good time. We want to create some buzz and also some mystery. We will reveal things step-by-step. With each new reveal I think more and more participants and fans will come. We want to make this epic, so we will be taking it slow.

    But I can say this — hang on to your hats!

    • In addition to collectible cryptocoins, are there any other activities planned to attract actors of the real sector economy to the project?

    While it is true that the landing says collectible cryptoCOINS, please refer to my comments above. I want to make a clear distinction between the concept of a coin and the concept of a Numi.

    A coin is a coin. A Numi is oh-so-much more.

    On fine day in the not-so-distant future, perhaps the term Numi will even replace the term coin in its entirety and concept. We’ll see of course.

    As for attracting major economic players, no question and it’s already underway. I cannot reveal much more right at this particular juncture; however, all I can say is look at the initial members list of CryptoNumiz. I think it is safe to say that there is list and a queue of notables. We are in major talks with several high profile NFT projects who have expressed their intent to bring their projects to CryptoNumiz and work over our platform. All good things shall be revealed in due time.