Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Cryptocurrency Staking

    It’s easy to get confused about coins and staking platforms — everyone offers different percentages and terms. Where to store cryptocurrency? Take your pick from the TOP 10 best staking offers.

    At the moment, PoS (Proof-of-Stake) unconditionally prevails in the field of cryptocurrency. Unlike PoW (Proof-of-Work), the storage of coins can bring dividends in addition to the growth of the rate, the main thing is to successfully invest them in staking pools. In light of the emergence of many levers in DeFi, and in connection with this growth of fraudulent schemes, we will consider only proven and reliable coins and platforms.


    Everstake is a team of professionals who have proven to be reliable and competent partner. For staking, the platform offers a pool of the most popular coins to date: ETH 2.0, FreeTON, Polkadot, Tezos, Cosmos, Solana, EOS, Cardano. There are also coins known only to a small number of people.

    The undoubted leader on the site, in percentage terms, is Polkadot. When Everstake becomes a validator, depositors receive a bonus of a 3-month fee-free period. The yield is 15% per annum. Polkadot is followed by Cosmos with a 9% yield and a 5% fee.

    ETH 2.0 (Beacon Chain) can be staked at 8% per annum and 10% of the platform’s fee, which is not bad considering the upcoming updates, and with them the growth of the ETH rate. The minimum stake amount is 0.1 ETH.

    Free TON is on the same level as Ethereum, it is suggested to use the TON Surf and ExtraTON applications for staking. This is due to the fact that Everstake is one of the initials of the Free TON blockchain and validators from the first day of the blockchain’s life.

    Read about TON Crystal staking with TON Surf.

    Free TON is followed by Solana — 7%, Tezos — 6.2%, and Cardano — 5.3% per annum. EOS remained an outsider, with only 2% being offered for staking.


    Binance Staking offers its BNB and ETH 2.0 token staking.

    BNB can be staked for 30, 60, or 90 days. Accordingly, at 8.26, 10.13, and 12.69% per annum. The minimum bet is 0.1 BNB.

    Ethereum can be staked by exchanging ETH coins for bETH tokens. Staked coins must be stored in your spot wallet. Binance offers between 4.9 and 20% per annum for staking Ethereum, with annual returns adjusted daily based on on-chain staking rewards. Withdrawal will be possible only after the launch of the shard chains.


    Certus.One, as well as Everstake, are the initial validators of the Free TON blockchain project. But since TON Crystal staking is featured in the official Surf wallet, offers validation services for other projects.

    There are 6 staking coins on their website. The first place in terms of annual yield is Near protocol — 10.09% per annum and 10% fee. It is followed by Cosmos blockchain at 8.79% per annum and 12.5% fee. Next — Solana — 6.09% per annum and 10% fee, IRISnet — 6.06 per annum and 15% fee, and Terra — 5.98 per annum and 10% fee.

    P2P offers 20 coins for staking.

    Let’s look at the most reliable ones. The set is standard: Polkadot — 15% per annum and 3% fee, Cosmos — 10.6% per annum and 8% fee, Solana — 8% per annum and 7% validator fee, Tezos — 6% per annum and 9.95% fee.

    CEX.IO combines a cryptocurrency exchange and a staking platform. The company is an official Free TON partner and offers some of the best TON Crystal staking conditions. Polkadot is also represented on this platform, the exchange offers 10% per annum (as for TON Crystal). There are offers for staking Tezos — 6% and TRON — 3.5% per annum.


    Another exchange that offers coin staking is the well-known Kraken.

    Polkadot — 12% per annum, ETH 2.0 — 9.32%, Cosmos — 8.54%, Tezos — 7.27%. The fee is the standard 15%. The choice falls on the exchange for its recognized credibility and reliability.

    Dokia Capital

    Dokia Capital has a standard set of coins, although there are some little-known ones, such as SKALE — 9.82% per annum and 10% fee. There are 6 coins but the same number is expected to be added soon. Of the newcomers, the most interesting are ETH, SKALE, and THE Graph.


    One of the most interesting staking offers today is the Pancakeswap CAKE token — 65.98% per annum. The platform is on Binance Smart Chain and is fully decentralized.


    This project also refers to an exchange offering staking. Like previous platforms, it is time-tested and reliable. Here you will find such delights as HYDRA, FEAR, DFI, VAI, Velo, IDEA, and many others. Of the risk-free assets, only Polkadot with 11.76% per annum.

    TON Swap. From this point, more details

    This decentralized exchange is owned by Broxus, the initial, developer and validator of the Free TON blockchain. Broxus has been on the cryptocurrency market for several years. The platform only features farming projects paired with tokens created on the Free TON blockchain.

    Let’s talk about the new program.

    To start earning on the exchange, you need to exchange TON Crystal for WTON (ERC-20). At the first stage of the program, the maximum rate of return was in the WTON-DAF pair — 204% per annum.

    Main pairs:


    The main innovation is Infinity pools. They have no time limit and no maximum farming value.

    List of expected projects (Crystal Handshake project):

    1. FRTN (gaming industry, tip3)
    2. EUPI (stable euro, tip3)
    3. BDCC (gaming industry, binance ecosystem)
    4. FRAX
    5. Chatex (immediately after the initial distribution)
    6. Several TIP-3 projects from TON Labs and the community, a funnel of 6 projects
    7. Several projects from the ETH ecosystem, a funnel of 8 projects


    We are on the threshold of a boom of new tokens that will be created using the Free TON TIP-3 standard. Implemented DeFi on the blockchain will certainly provide a lot of new financial leverage. And the projects will undoubtedly bring considerable profit to the stakes, the main thing is not to miss the opportunity and be at the forefront.

    Quite young and ambitious, but already proven to be reliable, Free TON with the emergence of new projects on the blockchain, will definitely give good X’s by the end of this year. And the combination of TON Crystal exchange rate growth and the percentage of annual yield from staking raises the bar even higher than Polkadot and Ethereum 2.0.