Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    Cooperation with AdGram Free TON

    AdGram, the first and only effective marketing platform on Telegram, is a new Free TON partner that will promote TON Crystal among its customers. At the moment, AdGram includes 5,000 channels and chats with a potential reach of 19,000,000 views.

    As part of its partnership with Free TON, it invites users to buy ads with pay in TON Crystal. Users will be able to deposit tokens as a payment method and run ads, while channel and chat administrators will receive payments for posts in TON Crystal. This step will launch the circulation of tokens, which will contribute to the development of the token economy.

    Such cooperation is an excellent foundation for the future. Telegram advertising market (over 100,000 channels) is currently estimated at $ 650,000,000. And in 2022, this market may grow to $ 1,137,000,000.

    That is why AdGram pays great attention to Telegram channel administrators. They are promised a reward for the first successful publication of a post through AdGram. TOP-200 admins will be selected through contests. This will attract the attention of the audience, because getting into the TOP is always prestigious. Also, AdGram can issue a special promo code for community members and validators, which entitles them to receive 5-10% commission. Users can also earn tokens for attracting newcomers to AdGram.

    AdGram will motivate channel creators in Asia, Africa, India and Latin America to become more professional. Telegram has strong download positions in these regions, but has little management experience. The main incentive message for admins: Build channels, grow your audience, and make money with advertising opportunities.

    AdGram offers to start a partnership with a starting 2,000,000 TON Crystal. They will be distributed between the AdGram administrators (the actual channel owners) and the real audience. This can be done most effectively by innovative approaches and methods.


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