Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    TIP-3 Token Contract

    Free TON accepts submissions that must contain a set of specifications required to conduct TIP-3 Token contract security audit and formal verification. The document should not only contain the algorithms, but also the corresponding diagrams and flowcharts.

    Submissions are accepted until December 7, 23:59 (UTC).

    It is important to describe:

    • Algorithm for high level code Analysis
    • Main contract business scenarios
    • Possible security issues (bugs)
    • Possible attack vectors (what is attack: money loss / freezing, Contract misbehaviour).
    • Contract acts, functions in the main flows, interacting (if any) with other contracts

    Bonus for an additional task

    There are three types of TIP-3 contracts currently available. Providing specifications for the Fungible Token is mandatory, the rest is optional and will earn additional points.


    1 place50 000 TONs
    2 place25 000 TONs
    3 place10 000 TONs
    4 and 52 500 TONs each


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