Wed. Apr 14th, 2021
Hackaton Free TON

The Campus Blockchain Hackathon is an initiative of Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI). The Hackathon creates a contest from the universities across the African continent to identify the best developer students and rewards the winning projects. The main goal is to enable participants, at an early stage of their studies, to learn about career and business opportunities that are opened up by digital innovations in Blockchain / DLT. This will allow participants not only to get an idea of how blockchain works, but also show the prospects for development to improve life around the world.


The contest will consist of several stages.

At the first stage, applications are considered. Also evaluators and judges are appointed from both ABI and Free TON. ABI will lead this task as a consultant.

At the second stage, compliance with the competition criteria is checked. Students present their projects, and communities and judges vote to select the best of them, and also group them by country. The jury first selects the winners in each region and then selects the main project from among them at the continental level.

Students are encouraged to create applications on the blockchain to improve the protection of human rights, land property rights, a national platform for voting, and create jobs in high technology in Africa. In general, any application that can help improve living standards on the continent.

One of the main requirements for participants is experience in computer science, mathematics, entrepreneurship, economics, cryptography, or any other related field. Participants must register on the Free TON blockchain social networks.

Applications for participation are proposed to be submitted until January 2021 inclusive. The Hackathon starts at regional competitions in February. A regional competition is planned in March, and qualifying competitions in April 2021.

The rewards will be distributed in accordance with the prize place: from 1st place (25,000 TONS) to 20th (1,000 TONS). The list of planned expenses includes the following:

Contest winners 124 000 TONs
Jury 7 000 TONs
Administration 39 500 TONs
ABI Expenditure 40 000 TONs
Total Summary 210 500 TONs

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