Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
    CEX.IO Exchange

    When transferring funds to an exchange (or withdrawing them), such as CEX.IO, there are problems with specifying Memo. Free TON HOUSE tells you how to deposit tokens into the exchange from Surf wallet, paying attention to Memo.

    How to deposit on the exchange CEX.IO

    1. Open the exchange address, click [Deposit] and in the window that appears on the right, select the currency of deposit — TON.

    2. Click on the link under to see the minimum deposit amount.

    3. In the window that appears, select the Cryptocurrencies table and find TON in the cryptocurrency list. The minimum amount to deposit — 0.01 TON Crystal. If you deposit a smaller amount, it will not be deposited into the account.

    4. Open the TON Surf mobile app and click [Send] on the home page.

    5. Go back to the web page and copy and the TON Crystal deposit address from it.

    6. Enter the lines in the TON Surf wallet crystals sending window:

    • Recipient — enter the address to deposit TON from the page of the exchanger by copying it.
    • Amount — the amount to be transferred that exceeds 0.01 TON Crystal.
    • Message or Memo — enter by copying it from the exchange page.
    • Check the fee amount at the bottom of Network fees and click [Confirm and Submit].

    7. Enter the PIN code.
    8. Check the transaction by opening the TON Surf chat or exchange page.

    Withdraw TON Crystal Using MEMO

    1. Click [Withdraw] on the main page of the exchange.
    2. Find TON in the withdrawal window in the list of currencies on the right side.

    3. In the window that opens on the left, fill in all the fields:

    • Recipient’s address — take it from the TON Surf app. To do this, click the [Receive] icon on the Surf home page and copy the address that appears by clicking on it or scanning the QR code.
    • Memo — type any number combination of 7-16 characters. You can use the one that was specified when depositing crystals, i.e. from Surf chat. Don’t leave the field empty!
    • Check the box to confirm that you have read the Terms of Use, the Refund Policy, and the Payment Terms.
    • Amount in TON — type on the right side of the window and see the amount of transfer fee. The total amount to be withdrawn will be shown in the corresponding line.

    We recommend that you first withdraw a small amount to make sure that the withdrawal to the TON Surf wallet works correctly.

    4. Click [Withdraw] at the bottom

    5. Enter the confirmation code from the SMS in the new window, or confirm the operation in any other way that you have.
    6. Open your mailbox and click [Confirm] in the email from the exchange to confirm the withdrawal.

    7. Wait for the transaction to complete.