Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Buy TON, Free TON

With the launch of the Free TON blockchain, the crypto community has a question — how to buy TON? Before the announcement of the winners of the first contests (and the conclusion of partnerships), the award of which was the coveted TON Crystal, there were simply no crystals on the market. Currently, there are already several options to buy TON Crystal.

Chatex Bot: a Friendly Assistant

Chatex was the first to include Free TON tokens in the wallet. With the support of the exchanger, TON acquired the status of a currency. Perhaps the Chatex bot is the most popular way to buy and sell TON Crystal.

Chatex Bot, Buy ton

To check how friendly the chatbot is and whether it is profitable to call it to buy and exchange crystals, go to the Chatex website, click “Start now” and go to the CHATEX bot in Telegram. Choose a language, register and start the purchase of TON Crystal in the “Exchange” section.

CHATEX bot in Telegram, Buy ton

From the currencies offered for purchase, select TON Crystal, after which answer to the bot for which currency crystals are bought. Among the sixteen available options, there are both cryptocurrencies and fiats.

Select RUB and the most suitable payment option available for the currency pair. Find the seller from the list of advertisements for the sale of TON Crystal.

Chatex Bot, Buy ton

The Chatex bot sends a brief information about him: the trading volume, the number of transactions made, the rating and how many users blocked him. If necessary, address additional questions directly to the seller or read reviews about him.

When curiosity is satisfied, click “Buy”. Chatex Bot offers to enter the amount in RUB required to purchase, or the desired number of crystals. The range of crystals depends on the current exchange rate for the selected currency.

After entering the amount of currency, the system will ask to confirm the correctness of the data, and then send a purchase request to the seller. 

Pay for the purchase only after a confirmation response from the seller.

Buy TON on the Exchange

TON Crystal can be also bought on the exchange, for example, on the Kuna exchange. From the main page, go to the “Trades” page, where we get acquainted with the currency pairs available for exchange and the current exchange rates.

Buy TON on the Exchange

Select the TON/USDT pair and enter either the amount of TON Crystal that we are going to buy or the amount of USDT available for purchase in the line under the statistics. With the action “Buy TON” we make a deal.

TON/USDT, Buy ton

Buy TON on

Users of can buy TON Crystal for fiat currency in the “P2P” section. Select a seller from the list of offers or create your own purchase ad.

When selecting, we pay attention not only to the price of the crystal, but also to the payment systems in which the seller is ready for the transaction, its minimum and maximum limits., P2P, TON Crystal

Creating your own ad, fill out the form offered on the site. Publish and wait for those wishing to buy Free TON currency., Buy ton


With the popularity of Free TON, the number of ways to buy and sell TON Crystal will also grow. But the very principle of making deals will be similar to those described above for some time.