Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

    FreeTON, welcome to the real world! Having just appeared, the platform is already making a step from the virtual space into the world of real things. Any fan of a truly free Internet can feel involved in a grand project.

    How do they usually say about solidarity, about support for any ideas? Using symbols. FreeTON symbols are already starting to appear around us: the FREETONSHOP store has opened. There you can buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, baseball caps and cups with the name or corporate images of the project. It pleases that the designers of these things are aware of the latest fashion trends, and the manufacturer did not skimp on materials – the quality of all things is excellent, it is definitely not a shame to appear in public! An additional plus of the store is worldwide delivery.

    Freetonshop freeton shop telegram

    Look for the FreeTONshop bot on Telegram, as well as other social media (Instagram, Facebook). Get real things for virtual money. Pay with TON Crystal tokens – FreeTON cryptocurrency.

    FreeTONshop is not just a store, it is a channel for the dissemination of ideas of freedom, decentralization, accessibility of virtual instruments and the Internet for everyone. If you want to support the idea – welcome to FreeTONshop! Check the bot more often. This is just the beginning so far, and in the future you will find promotions, lotteries and contests with tempting prizes and, of course, the expansion of the product line, in the development of which, among others, famous fashion designers and celebrities will participate.


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