Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Crypto wallet, TON Crystal, Free TON

    If you have crystals or you plan to buy them, then you are definitely interested in the question: what kind of a reliable cryptocurrency wallet to start. We offer a brief description of crypto wallets for TON Crystal.

    ExtraTON — Free TON wallet in Google Chrome

    ExtraTON, Free TON, Wallet

    ExtraTON is an application for TON Crystal operations in the Google Chrome browser. The application is convenient in that its icon is always displayed in the browser after loading. The disadvantage of convenience is the possible access to your savings, which can be obtained by third parties if you leave the device on and walk away.

    Security is provided by a 12-word seed phrase. It is stated that it’s higher than that of crypto wallets. Wallets opened in TON Surf can be imported into ExtraTON.

    Free TON staking in ExtraTON is simple and straightforward. The DePools page provides detailed information about the DePools, which allows the user to freely navigate the staking profitability.

    Download ExtraTON.

    TON Surf Wallet. With the chat function!

    TON Surf wallet, Free TON, TON Crystal

    The creators of TON Surf have added a chat to the crystal exchange between the transaction participants. At the same time, messages can be encrypted at any time to remain the master of your word.

    TON Surf wallet is used exclusively for managing crystals, it does not support other cryptocurrencies.The security of the crypto wallet is guaranteed by the 12-word seed phrase, which is important to record and in no case lose it.

    Download: Apple Store, Google Play, official website. — Multi-Currency Exchanger, TON Crystal, Free TON

    The ideal crypto wallet for those who plan to make currency exchange transactions. Cryptocurrencies of six platforms are available in the wallet, including TON Crystal. 

    The undoubted plus is that dividends are accrued to crystals every day — 0.02% of the amount on the account. The KYC procedure and authentication make the crypto wallet a reliable one.

    Register your wallet on the website or download the app via the Apple Store or Google Play.

    TON Crystal Wallet — For Those Who Want To Make Money On Staking

    TON Crystal Wallet, Free TON

    Broxus has created an intuitive and convenient TON Crystal Wallet. In addition to crystals, it allows operating with five more cryptocurrencies, but without the function of exchanging them. DePool block is placed separately allowing staking in one click.

    Protection of the wallet from hacking is implemented with the help of a 24-word seed phrase. Even an inexperienced user will not forget to save it, because when registering, the application asks to remember part of the seed phrase.

    Download TON Crystal Wallet for Windows, Linux or macOS.


    The choice will keep getting wider for crystal holders. New proposals for integrating TON Crystal into another crypto wallet appear almost every week.