Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
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    Broxus is a technology company that provides ready-made universal services and infrastructure for companies implementing the use of cryptocurrencies.

    Access to cryptocurrency markets and operations is greatly simplified for potential customers: customers embed ready-made automated Broxus solutions into their software and services, thus significantly saving their time and resources for their own development.

    What can Broxus do

    • Accept and store cryptocurrencies.
    • Transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies.
    • Perform trading operations on cryptocurrency platforms.
    • Perform tokenization of other cryptocurrencies.
    • Collect trade data from cryptocurrency trading platforms.

    The main areas of cooperation with Free TON

    • Creation of software products, bridges to other blockchains.
    • Development of DeFi-infrastructure.
    • Assistance in integrating exchange services for other community partners.