Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    FreeTON Weekly Meetup #25

    On October 20, 2020, the 25th weekly meeting of the FreeTON community took place. You can watch some of the most interesting moments in the video.

    At the meeting, the participants shared the latest community news and discussed the new version of Governance 2.0. First of all, about Governance 2.0 – achievements and release dates. At the moment, a lot of work has already been done to develop a new version. The DGO group has made a great contribution. Thanks to their efforts, the development process has accelerated, and we can expect a launch soon. Perhaps by the end of the year.

    But before our goals are achieved, there are a number of elements to improve and refine. There will be contests, based on the results of which the most effective solutions to various problems in Governance will be selected. For example, there will be a competition for specification, jury Smart Contracts writing and much more. Members can propose new developments, improvements and modifications. For example, you can write Smart Contracts in other languages, such as C ++, etc. All community members who wish can take part in contests.

    The launch of Governance 2.0 marks a turning point in the history of FreeTON. It will help us get closer to an important goal of achieving full decentralization. At this stage, the jury voting process will become fully automated, and the system will get out of the control of the initial validators.

    The meeting participants answered questions about voting problems, distribution of tokens and the process of transition to the new version. In particular, they indicated that the transition will be gradual, some will be moved by the end of the year, and some of the competitions will be held on the new platform. They also noted that community feedback is important to improve the jury voting process. For example, it will help to develop a mechanism for removing irresponsible judges. At the same time, they emphasized that the diversity of approaches and opinions is a key feature of the free space of FreeTON.

    In other community news, a new draft partnership guide was mentioned at the meeting. Some points of the guide were analyzed, which clarify the questions of who and how can become a partner of FreeTON. The project is posted on the forum and is open for discussion. In addition, news from the Mexican group was presented, including the launch of a Spanish language version of community information resources.

    Full (original) version of FreeTON Weekly Meetup #25


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