Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    Free TON

    TON Labs started the contest. In this way, the organizers intended to set up a mechanism for interaction with third-party information resources of the global level.

    According to Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, the need to develop public relations is long overdue. The PR contest is a way to establish decentralized partnerships with professionals in the field. A transparent contest mechanism and the principles of meritocratic token distribution should be a good incentive for the creative part of the Free TON community.

    The importance of the contest for the community is confirmed by the impressive prize pool. It is assumed that the work of the participants will be evaluated at each of the ten planned stages. The duration of one stage is 28 days. In each of the periods, the rewards will be distributed as follows:

    1st place — 75,000 TON
    2nd place — 50,000 TON
    3rd place — 25,000 TON

    Besides the three winners, authors of original articles will also receive a reward — 500 TON for each material that meets the conditions of the contest.

    The amounts of rewards do not give rest to members of the forum and the organizers allow changes in the terms of payment based on the results of the discussions.

    The contest considers both the original published articles, and translations, modified versions, if the original source is obvious. The editorial itself must be included in the Free TON blockchain. At the end of each period, the contestant publishes the private key of the articles for verification via DePress DeBot.

    DePress DeBot was written by TON Labs specialists specifically for the contest.

    Under the terms of the contest, the jury will only consider articles published on the top 200,000 websites rated by Alexa Global.

    At the first stage, the contest jury was independent and did not belong to any of the Sub-Governances.

    First Stage Winners

    15 submissions were submitted for the first stage, including duplicates of re-submitted works. Most of the submissions, one way or another, were rejected or scored the minimum number of points. In fact, the judges highly evaluated only three works. They took all the prizes.

    Free TON, PR Contest
    First Place

    Mikhail Kabanov’s team won with submission #13 with a presentation of the promotion of the article “Free TON: a truly decentralized crypto”.

    The article tells about how Pavel Durov’s project turned into Free TON, how the platform works and how it differs from other blockchain projects.

    As Mikhail Kabanov explained in the presentation part of the contest work, the analysis of requests showed that the most popular topic is the history of the Free TON platform. This is what they started from. The article also focuses on decentralized governance.

    The article is presented in the global information community in six languages: English, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

    It took a month and a half to prepare the contest work.

    Free TON, PR Contest

    The comments of the contest judges are practically absent. According to the mechanics of the contest, the role of the jury is reduced to fixing the results.

    The organizers tried to automate the process as much as possible and minimize the impact of the human factor.

    Comments, including those on the winning work, are simply a number showing either the score or the place that the judge gives to the work. Of the 27 judges, 23 gave Mikhail Kabanov’s submission the highest score. A rare consensus and an extremely high 9.85 points.

    Second place

    In second place is submission #7 from Gregory 78rus. The work scored 9 points exactly.

    Free TON, PR Contest

    The submission presents the results of promoting three articles: “Bon TON: how the world’s first decentralized platform is developing”, “Bridges of Love and Friendship — The Fastest Ethereum Bridge” and a news article about the partnership with Changelly.

    According to the authors, this way they got more publications and cover the project from different sides. For this reason, there are several public keys in the presentation, and the report itself is divided into sections.

    Free TON, PR Contest

    The set of languages used for each article is different. The presented infographic shows the territory and progress of user interest for the quarter.

    Free TON, PR Contest
    Third place

    Closes the top three with submission #15 from encipher. Автор презентует продвижение на 8 площадках статьи “The cryptocurrency that I build myself…, the Free TON ecosystem”. The judges rated the work at 8.03 points.

    The author tells in the first person how he entered the world of cryptocurrency, watched the closing of the Durov brothers’ TON project, and then got involved in a new project called Free TON.

    The presentation contains links to publications, infographics by country and traffic dynamics over 90 days.

    Free TON, PR Contest

    Forum discussions

    For many who wanted to take part in the contest, its terms turned out to be too difficult: registration in the blockchain, use of DePress DeBot, analysis of published materials. Only a select few mastered this path, and Mitja Goroshevsky regularly had to give explanations.

    The winner of this stage Mikhail Kabanov and the second-place winner @Gregory78rus took an active part in the discussion. Their works, which can already be considered a model for participants in the next stages, quite simply and concisely represent the results of communication with information resources. Judging by the comments on the forum, during the submission period, the participants managed to consult each other on technical issues.

    Most of the submissions were presented almost on the verge of the deadline. This was also due to the authors’ concerns that open access articles could be used by contestants. The concerns were accompanied by proposals to close the viewing of works before the deadline for accepting submissions. And this is not the first time.

    A word to the authors of the best works

    After summing up the results of the stage, Mikhail Kabanov turned to the jury and the organizers of the contest with a proposal to conduct the next stage within the Community Voice Subgovernance.

    Participation in it and the evaluation of submissions require an understanding of how PR works in general, how SEO articles differ from PR articles.

    “CommVoice was launched a long time ago, but it hasn’t started to work actively. The launch of DePR Stage #2 is a great reason for the situation to change. I also note that the jury contest has also started, that is, a wide range of specialists will evaluate the submissions. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all those with experience in PR and marketing to CommVoice Subgov — your contribution will be very useful to the entire community”.

    • The organizers aimed to minimize the impact of the human factor on the evaluation of works. How well did they do?

    In the opinion of the project participants, the process is really automated: the contestant submitted the publications, put a rating on Alex in front of each link — the rest is a matter of technology.

    • Gregory78rus also spoke about “automation”.

    The results processing scheme did not consider many factors. For example, a lot of works were submitted where the principle that the absence of any information about what a press release or partner material was in front of the reader was violated.

    The comments of Gregory78rus were heard on the forum — the terms of the contest were clarified on the requirements for submissions.

    • New stages are ahead, and the contestants (and others) see the need to make changes in their course.

    Mikhail Kabanov mentions the proposal of Mitja Goroshevsky that the evaluation of the work should be carried out at a “technical level” — that it should meet certain criteria, i.e. counted, voted. Naturally, the criteria should be written more formally so that there are no discrepancies.

    Gregory78rus pointed out that it is necessary to understand that in fact, we are dealing with the subscriber PR service of the company. And here the CONTINUITY of work is extremely important, because the PR specialist “tames” the journalist and the journalist already knows from whom to get this or that information. This leads to an increase in the number of publications. This means that the intervals between sprints should be minimal.

    • The list of proposals also includes feedback from the jury, because among the participants in the Free TON community contests there are many professionals with many years of experience who deserve the right to appeal.

    Gregory78rus reminded people work in the jury and we would like to be sure that they understand PR at least a little. And since these are actual people and not machines, it would be nice if there was a system of appeals and contesting the results in case of upcoming disputes. And so that during the counting of votes, the jury representatives contact the contestants… no wonder you need to leave your Telegram in the report.


    Discussion on clarification of the rules continues, and in the meantime, the voting process has begun on the second stage.