Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
    Free TON, AdGram, partners

    On the one hand, the largest advertising platform of the popular Telegram, on the other, the Free TON innovative community. We put them together and get a promising partnership that is promoting the latest network technologies. 

    The promotion of goods and services through messengers has great prospects. Telegram, as an advertising platform, is a great tool. Its target audience is huge: in 2020, the messenger’s database has 600 million users. 

    AdGram is Telegram’s largest advertising platform with nearly 20 million broadcasts and its base includes several thousand channels. It’s a mediator that helps brands to run effective advertising campaigns. It also helps administrators to monetize channels and attract big brands. Now AdGram is a Free TON partner. This is already the second ally of the Telegram community. The first was Combot, the largest anti-spam and chat moderation tool.

    Mutual benefits of partnership

    A huge number of microtransactions take place between advertisers and chat administrators. They require a universal calculating tool. TON Crystal is the best candidate for this role. And furthermore, an important step has been taken in creating a global advertising community, free from linguistic and geopolitical boundaries. One of the partnership goals is the development of Telegram channels in the regions. 

    For this purpose, information on the most effective methods and practices of work will be disseminated; administrators will receive motivation in the form of rewards and bonuses in TON Crystal. Consolidation of advertisers and administrators from all over the world offers impressive opportunities for both parties, calculation in TON Crystal allows you to make cross-border payments without the complexity in the form of currency conversion and bank transfer fees.


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