Fri. Dec 31st, 2021

    If there are already enough promising blockchains with powerful technologies on the market, why create new ones? It is more logical to establish effective cooperation between large-scale projects that already exist. The developers of the cross-chain platform EYWA are convinced of this. They aim to create a new generation of DeFi protocol focused on user-friendliness: a product for the mass market, available to everyone on any device, but most importantly – newcomers will not necessarily need to know how blockchains work, in which wallets to store assets, where to buy them, etc.

    We talked about the project in more detail here and here.

    The creators of EYWA launched a large-scale alpha testing of their product on September 8, 2021. It will last until the end of the year. Anyone can participate. To do this, you need to perform tasks provided by Telegram bot and earn points that will allow you to receive unique NFTs and EYWA tokens. Once the main network is launched, EYWA tokens will be credited to NFTs (the more rare NFTs you receive, the more EYWA tokens will be credited to them).

    Total EYWA Alpha Test Participants18584 
    Completed the first task10117 
    Completed the second task6740 
    Completed the third task1225 
    Current statistics as of October 5, 2021

    How to participate in alpha testing

    Click the link and run the bot in Telegram.

    • In the main menu, you can choose a language, write to support, view your account (ID, wallet address and earned points), study the detailed instructions with tasks.
    • You can become a member of a three-level referral program: just send a unique link from your bot account to friends and acquaintances — so you can earn extra points.
    • Completing the “Social Tasks” by subscribing to the social networks of the EYWA project and the first 3 basic tasks will give an opportunity to participate in the future IDO and exchange your points for NFT, which will be credited with EYWA tokens. 
    • By clicking the “Start Testing” button, the bot will offer to select the blockchains that the user will use when performing tasks to test the functionality of the EYWA DeFi product. Ethereum Rinkeby and Binance Smart Chain Testnet are now available. By the end of the year, developers will add Polygon Mumbai, Avalanche Testnet and HECO Testnet, and then it will be possible to re-test using other networks and earn additional points.

    The next step: specify the address of the Metamask wallet, which will receive rewards for completing tasks. After registering the wallet, the bot will offer to send test tokens of the selected blockchains to it — these tokens will be used in task transactions.

    Task 1: Get EYWA test tokens

    For this you need to install Binance Wallet (Chrome browser extension) and ImToken mobile app. Links with video instructions are in the task description.

    To do this, you need a Metamask wallet with the Rinkeby network enabled. By following the video instructions and completing the task, you will get EYWA test tokens; use them to conduct further cross-chain operations in Ethereum Rinkeby and Binance Smart Chain Testnet — these will be the next tasks, for which you will get even more points.

    Task 2: Use the Bridge

    Transfer 5 EYWA tokens from one test block to another using Bridge. The link to the completed transaction must be sent to the bot.

    Task 3: Use Swap Cross-chain

    In Swap, according to the task, you will have to swap 5 EYWA tokens from the Ethereum Rinkeby network for USDT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.

    A link to the completed transaction must be sent to the bot.

    After completing the 3rd task, you will receive the “PRO” status — it will allow you to complete more difficult tasks in the future and will give you the opportunity to re-pass all tasks using other networks and earn additional points.


    This is just the first step in transforming EYWA into a large-scale ecosystem on which many other DeFi-protocols will be built. Developers aim to integrate, compete, and collaborate with teams building blockchain platforms and decentralized finance systems. Time will tell whether such ambitious plans can be realized. In the meantime, we congratulate the team on the launch, participate in testing and follow the announcements on social networks (e.g., Twitter).