Sat. Jan 1st, 2022

    This spring, the Art Erotics Challenge Awards, the first-ever international challenge-award in blockchain-based art, was presented at the AIBC summit in Dubai (for more information, see an interview with Mark Feldman). From May to July, the team actively worked on the project.

    The organizers of the AEC AWARDS 2021 believe that thanks to Free TON technology, the event can unite the international art community and become a memorable event in the art world.

    There were several key changes in the project during the three months of preparation:

    • The award now has a new name — Art Experience Crypto Awards. The word ‘Erotics’ was removed to promote the project in all social networks (targeted advertising mentioning erotic content is blocked) and to attract as many sponsors as possible.
    • The AEC AWARDS team updated its lineup by 2/3. Olga Elizarova, one of the first organizers of the event, was the curator of the “Models” nomination, became the new executive director. Olga has taken part in other FreeTON projects and is familiar with many community members.
    • A strong international development team of 8 people updated and optimized the website. Previously, to register and download the TON Surf wallet, the participant had to provide a lot of information, now it is enough to enter your e-mail — and the system will automatically create a wallet and even send some crystals to it so that you can vote for the art object you like. This simplification will benefit the project and increase the number of participants and viewers.
    • The deadline for submitting applications for the first stage was extended until September 30. The final will take place on December 1 of this year.

    There are also results in partnership agreements:

    • In collaboration with FREETONSHOP, the designers create merchandise, T-shirts, and digital apparel that are popular with bloggers and TikTokers. The new digital collection was presented on August 25.
    • Exclusive project partner NiFi Club has launched a platform where participants can post their digital art objects. The works of the finalists will be put up for auction.

    And during September, it is planned to fulfill all partnership agreements of AEC AWARDS with the community. In particular, a new currency based on the Free TON blockchain will be released specifically for the award.

    To take part in the AEC Awards 2021 and become part of the art community in Free TON, follow the link and register.

    You don’t have to be a photographer, model, artist or fashion designer — anyone who is passionate about the fashion and art world can be a viewer.