Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
    Mr. Freeman, Freeland, Free TON

    Pavel Muntyan and the team of the virtual country of Freeland, together with the developments and philosophy of Mr. Freeman, become part of Free TON. Pavel himself told us how crypto-statehood will develop further.

    Freeland is a project of a virtual state, with its MFCoin cryptocurrency, passports, and the ideology of creating a new civilizational model of human development.

    And with Mr. Freeman, whose videos have millions of views on YouTube.

    Almost all of this will be part of Free TON — a partnership proposal accepted by the authorized representatives of both platforms.

    The Freeland government includes animation producer Pavel Muntyan, cultural activist and humanitarian engineer Marat Gelman, IT manager Pavel Cherkashin, Council for Digital Economy Development member Denis Aleinikov, and many other equally well-known professionals in their fields and unique roles.

    The virtual state project was proposed in 2017 and it begins with a Manifesto:

    “The mechanisms of state activity are outdated or are in a severe crisis. They cannot change on their own because they are very inert, while the world around them is rapidly changing. Our idea is simple: to create our own virtual state with a new society and modern management mechanisms. In the long run, we can buy all this blue ball from the old system and create a new state model on it”.

    The peak of activity in the development of the virtual state community came in 2018, and as Freeland’s chief motivator, Pavel Muntyan, put it, their team lacked two things. First, to scale socially and create decentralized governance. Second — the resources for the crypto component of the project.

    Merger Up To Takeover

    What the Freeland project lacked is in abundance in Free TON. Taking this into account, and especially the ideological proximity, Pavel Muntyan initiated a partnership up to the full absorption of Freeland. As an argument for making such a decision, the Freeland team closely followed the first-ever on-chain merger between Free TON and Dune.

    The proposed merger option assumes that TON Crystal will be allocated to the Freeland community in an amount equal to the capitalization of MFCoin. The existing 20 million MFCoins are equivalent to nearly 180,000 TON crystals if you compare their value using the 3-month average on Coinmarketcap.

    In addition, for 80 thousand TON, all current projects and developments of Freeland, including accounts in social networks, will be transferred to the Free TON community. But the main thing is ideas.

    Mr. Freeman’s ideas on social philosophy and the entire ideological bridgehead of the virtual nation are now moving to a new platform, becoming part of the Free TON ecosystem.

    In the discussion of the partnership project at the forum, the most critical commentators emphasized that ideas and their carriers are the only things of interest in the context of the takeover. Since neither technological developments, nor the MFCoin itself and its domain, nor accounts reveals the potential for use in the Free TON network.

    Commentators mostly agreed that the choice for Free TON community members was to determine whether to allocate the requested amount of crystals for joining the community of Pavel Muntyan and his creatives and his associates. And with virtual state passports.

    The involvement of Mr. Freeman’s character in this situation was discussed separately.

    His ideas are entirely yours, but the animation project itself is not part of the asset. Pavel Muntyan

    After the project was voted positively, a three-month takeover phase began. During this period, the Freeland community carries out its internal procedures for the transition to the TON currency, and the development of appropriate smart contracts is underway. These developments must be funded through traditional Free TON contests.

    At the time of this writing, the first preparatory stage has been completed — a pool of crystals has been created in Free TON, ready to be exchanged for Mr. Freeman’s coins. Now for three months, owners of this currency can exchange it for TON Crystal at a weighted average rate for three months.

    “It’s time for Mr. Freeman to talk about the crypto again”

    We talked to Pavel Muntyan about what to expect in the future for representatives of both communities.

    • Pavel, tell us, in what role do you see yourself in the Free TON?

    Ideally, of course, without regalia or titles. My function in Toonbox, in Freeland, and even in life is to create quality media noise that I and the community are not ashamed of, as well as to invent various new social, socio-cultural, socio-financial, and other experimental models. Not everything can be integrated into life, but some things come out quite well.

    The Free TON ecosystem is just the perfect platform for this kind of activity.

    It just happens that lately, I’ve been turning from a futurologist and trend watcher to a trendsetter. Roughly speaking, not to predict future big processes, but to shape them. Of course, with a tool like the Free TON at your fingertips, you can shape future trends related to decentralization much more effectively. All of this is personally in my plans.

    • Besides you, who in your community is also ready to join the Free TON team, and in what role?

    When it comes to Freeland, most of the developers and almost the entire administrative staff join the Free TON team. Now it is very difficult to say exactly who will be involved in which areas. It’s not about staffing or hiring. I can only say with complete confidence that Pavel Muntyan, Nikodim Musatov, and Vladimir Ponomarev — we will continue to do the ideological part.

    Nikodim Musatov, being a constant generator of technical solutions, will definitely propose and bring to the vote various unique sub-projects for Free TON, which his design bureau is more than capable of developing. Sergey Barvenko will take part in the asset creation in Free TON, related to the financial part: trading, development of financial bots, collaborations with cryptocurrency exchanges, creation of swap applications, and so on.

    And the media character Mr. Freeman will support Free TON projects on his social networks. It’s probably time for him to talk about crypto again, so I can’t rule out that one of Freeman’s upcoming monologues will be about it again but from a new angle. “Bottle opener” — “SUPPORTED BY FREE TON” with the ecosystem logo and a link to the main resources — is a must.

    • Are there any ideas to improve the work of the Free TON blockchain right now?

    Let’s be honest: not being a blockchain programmer and not diving deep into the structure, it’s hard for me to say how the blockchain can be improved. Especially since the core was not written by the most recent specialist. However, the decentralized solutions industry is young, and it is possible to integrate a lot of amazing products and solutions that we do not even know about yet.

    I have a concept that I want to integrate specifically into Free TON — the mechanics of combining the film industry and the crypto-world or to be more precise — creating a platform where you could fully invest in film product tokens, financing them this way, and simultaneously getting a share in an intangible asset, such as the right to participate in income from various kinds of licensing.

    Now there’s DAO, there’s crowdfunding, we even launched the first NFT animated series, but it’s all missing the point. The reason is simple — there are no regulations and no understanding of how to properly package and implement it. And most importantly, micro-investors have no understanding of what they will actually get in the end.

    As an active participant in both industries, I know how to do this effectively and coolly. Literally, in a few days there will be a big event — CG EVENT DIGITAL HUMANS, where I will give a lecture “The bridge between the film and crypto industry“, where I will promote this topic and say that such a platform will be implemented by us exactly on the Free TON blockchain. This is one of the examples of what can be done and how Free TON can become a trendsetter in new crypto solutions.

    • Is it true that Free TON will also receive such an asset as virtual state passports? In other words, will you develop blockchain statehood?

    Yes, this is a very important part. Freeland Passport will also migrate to the Free TON blockchain. Not only that! We have a request from the citizens of Freeland to issue digital birth certificates recorded in blockchain so that when a child grows up, he knows that from birth he is a citizen not only of the territory and country in which he was born but also a citizen of a decentralized state.

    In addition, Free TON is a large community. If we popularize this project among its participants, we will reduce the cost of the passport and simplify the procedure of obtaining it.

    This is a very important socio-cultural experiment that we’ve talked a lot about. And most importantly, with a large number of citizens, we will be able to apply to the UN for the recognition of Freeland based on the Free TON blockchain, as the first state on the territory of the information space. If this plan succeeds, there will be a new and very wide field of activity.

    • What will happen to the current citizens of Freeland?

    Why should anything be wrong with them? Freeland remains Freeland, it does not disappear, does not burn out, is not absorbed, it simply switches to a new technological and efficient blockchain. At the moment, two new citizens are receiving their passports. We do not freeze the process. The explorer, which checks and verifies documents, will work as before, just records will not be in MFCoin nodes, but in Free TON nodes.