Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Dosia CS:GO, Free TON

    The Free TON House editors talked to the famous gamer, Free TON Ambassador Mikhail Dosia, and learned about the earnings of gamers, the Free TON project promotion in the gaming community, about the metaverse and trends.

    Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov is a Counter-Strike GO world champion, a professional eSports player who has gained respect among his colleagues. A person with 400,000 Twitch subscribers. He is also one of the members of the eSport SubGovernance and the Free TON Ambassador.

    • Can you tell us how your eSports career started?

    My eSports professional career started when I moved from Ufa to Moscow at the invitation to join the Counter-Strike 1.6 team.

    • How much time do you spend playing? Do you only play CS: GO or something else?

    On average, I spend 8 hours a day at the computer. It’s mostly CS:GO, but I can relax in autochess. From time to time I try new modern games during my broadcasts.

    • Do you earn money on tournaments? What was your team’s maximum gain?

    Yes, of course. The average winnings per player are usually around 17% of the prize money. The maximum winnings were $500,000 for the team.

    • Not bad! How did you meet Free TON and what got you hooked? Have you been interested in cryptocurrencies before?

    Since 2017, I have been following crypto out of the corner of my eye. Of course, I had heard about TON from Durov, and news of the project reached me. Relatively recently, my old eSports friend told me about the Free TON community, and specifically about the eSports direction. He offered to participate, to which I agreed because the project is quite interesting and has great potential.

    In addition to the eSports direction, I was hooked by the openness and technology of the Free TON project in general, the guys are awesome.

    Mikhail Dosia with the owner of the DNS electronics store chain, Dmitry Alekseev
    • It’s awesome that you’re interested in modern technology besides gaming. Since you are a member of eSports SubGovernance, can you tell us what tournaments will be held soon as part of Free TON?

    I can only answer about CS:GO. A pretty big tournament is planned soon, and my team will take part in it. Soon, you will find out everything yourself.

    • What about the dynamics of new players in the Free TON community? What platforms do you use to spread the word about Free TON to the international online gaming community?

    The dynamics are excellent. We promote Free TON everywhere modern gamers sit. First of all, these are social networks, messengers, and streaming platforms.

    • The gaming industry is growing fast, how do you rate the growth of the industry in general?

    Everything moves along the beaten track — cybersports, streaming, advertising. Every year more and more big players enter this market. So crypto projects were not long in coming.

    • Will the blockchain metauniverses trend change the future of online gaming?

    I believe there will be more games like AXIE Infinity coming out now. Although the blockchain technology itself is not needed by the gamer, most gamers would like to be rewarded for their time and play, interest in crypto is growing in general. The Play to earn model is very promising, it’s a cool thing.

    • Okay, let’s say I want to become a gamer. If you give up everything and just play online games, how much will a gamer earn on average in 2021?

    In eSports, it all depends on the level of the team and the player. A professional gamer will farm over $2,000. This is quite real income.

    • And the last question — now the whole community is discussing a new farming program, do you take part in it?

    Yes, I’ve heard and know about farming, but I haven’t delved into it yet, because there’s too much information to study. If it simplifies to one button, then I’ll be among the first ones. At the moment, I’m just a holder.

    • There is an article on the Free TON House website, where we have explained the farming mechanism, you can read it here. Thank you for your time!

    And thank you!

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